Our Juniors

Juniors are older kittens or young cats that we kept for evaluation. As kittens these cats showed potential and we wanted to see how they would develop. We have now decided to sell these cats if we can find a suitable buyer.

Champion Cor Auratum Kyra

  • Date of Birth: August 31, 2017
  • Colour: Golden Shaded
  • Sire: Ch. Emeraldy Pascal of Cor Auratum (Silver Ticked Tabby)
  • Dam: Ch. Emeraldy Princess Ada of Cor Auratum (Silver Shaded)


Kyra is a stunning cat, in the rare Golden Shaded colour. She has a gorgeous coat that is very soft and a beautiful face with nice chubby cheeks. She also has big, round eyes that are very desirable in the breed.

Kyra displays excellent characteristics but isn't quite as muscular as is desired by the breed standard. She is petite and slender.

Kyra is very playful. She loves to go on tears through the house! She also appreciates a good play session with her human companion.

Kyra did very well at her first show, earning her Champion status and several awards, including 10th best Shorthair Champion.

Kyra has been spayed and microchipped.

Girl A1

Girl A1 picture
  • Date of Birth: July 9, 2018
  • Colour: Silver Shaded
  • Sire: Ch. Emeraldy Pascal of Cor Auratum (Silver Ticked Tabby)
  • Dam: Ch. Cor Auratum Kyra (Golden Shaded)


We haven't named her as we decided to leave that up to her new humans, but Girl A1 is a beautiful, affectionate kitten. She was ill when she was younger, but is better now. She will not have any long term conditions as a result of her illness.

Girl A1 has been reserved.

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