Kitten Policy

  1. Declawing — When you purchase a kitten or cat from Cor Auratum, you certify that you will not declaw the kitten or cat. Declawing mutilates the cat's paw by removing the last joint on each toe. Providing your cat with cat trees and scratching posts will give them something to scratch on and give them a sense of ownership, which is important for a happy cat. See the Tips page for information on keeping your cat from scratching your furniture.
  2. Spay or Neuter — If the kitten is purchased as a pet or for show, the purchaser certifies that they will get the kitten spayed or neutered as soon as deemed medically reasonable after purchase. The kitten's registration papers will be withheld until proof of alteration is provided.
  3. Running Loose — The city of Toronto has a by-law that states that pets, including cats, are not to be allowed to run loose. Even if your area does not have such a by-law, letting cats run loose will subject them to dangers from cars and other animals and will be an annoyance to your neighbours. You certify, as purchaser, that you will not let your cat or kitten run loose. I have some suggestions in the Tips and Care guide.

When will my kitten be ready?

Kittens aren't ready for their forever homes until they are at least eight weeks of age, at which time they get their first set of shots. Even then we'll won't separate the kitten from their mother unless they are ready. Kittens will start to show independence by leaving the nest and going exploring on their own. They usually don't go far or if they become separated, they will cry for mom. Gradually you'll see them gain their independence and that's when they're ready for their forever home. That's usually 10 to 12 weeks, but in some kittens it can be even longer. We may also hold back a kitten in order to evaluate their suitability for breeding or show. Your kitten will be given all their shots appropriate to their age. They may need more shots after purchase, depending on their age.

How do I reserve a kitten?

If you accept our kitten policy, then you can reserve a kitten with a $100 deposit, which is refundable at our discretion. We require a deposit before we arrange an appointment for you to pick up your kitten. The kitten must be paid in full before he will be released to your possession. We accept e-transfer, bank drafts, money orders or cash for the balance. You will get the following with your kitten:

You will need to bring a carrier when you pick up your kitten. If you wish, we can purchase one for you for an additional fee.

Lastly, if things don't work out, then we ask that you return the kitten or cat to us for re-homing with another family. We always appreciate updates on your new kitten and are available for any questions you might have.