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Cor Auratum

Cor Auratum is a small cattery that breeds beautiful British Shorthair cats in downtown Toronto. Our cats produce beautiful Blues, Lilacs and possibly Cinnamon or Chocolate, which is very rare.

Many years ago, I read a magazine article about British Shorthair cats. The author described their temperament, their bodies and their beautiful coats. They said they had "hearts of gold". I fell in love with them immediately and got my first British Shorthair a few years later. The article was dead on and indeed British Shorthair cats are kind and gentle little teddy bears.

I decided to start breeding British Shorthair cats in 2015 and began the process of setting up a cattery and obtaining fine breeding animals. When deciding on a name, I decided Cor Auratum was unique and accurate: it's "heart of gold" in Latin.

I have more information on British Shorthair cats, and our cattery, on the About page. See the Tips & Care Guide for some tips, a list of the items you'll need for your new kitten and some suggestions on their care.


We are registered with the Canadian Cat Association (CCA).

Downtown Toronto?

Yes, we are in downtown Toronto. You can reach our cattery by public transit! We are a short walk from bus and streetcar stops. We are also easily accessible by car, with free street parking nearby.

All our cats live with us. They are not caged, or kept in rooms. They are allowed out in our fenced-in yard and we take them for walks on a leash. Yes, British Shorthair cats like to walk on a leash. I had to buy a retractable lead for Ada, our queen, because she likes to trot ahead. When I used a regular leash, I would trip over her when she stopped suddenly, as cats are wont to do.

We are members of the Royal Canin breeders club.

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